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About Us

The Daily Princetonian is the daily independent student newspaper of Princeton University. We’re one of the oldest college newspapers in the country, covering Princeton since 1876. But we’re also looking forward — with blossoming multimedia journalism sections, digital design and virtual engagement opportunities, and much more. You can read more about our different teams below.

The ‘Prince’ is dedicated to serving Princetonians past, present, and future through transparent, accurate, and empathetic reporting. We seek to inform and engage our readers by delivering reliable, timely, and truthful news and commentary that matter. We aim to drive campus conversation, uphold high journalistic standards, and innovate in how we tell stories.

To serve our readers, the ‘Prince’ seeks to build a team of student journalists who represent the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives found at Princeton. We hope you’ll join us in furthering our mission and telling the stories that shape Princeton.

How to Apply

The process to apply is quick and easy!

To apply to the editorial side of the ‘Prince’ (meaning, any part of the ‘Prince’ but the business team), you’ll need to complete two key steps. First, fill out a general editorial application — which will collect demographic information and ask you to rank the sections you wish to apply to. Then, fill out a section-specific supplement for any editorial section you wish to apply to. You’ll find the links to those at the end of the general application, as well as within the “explore our editorial teams” section below.

To reiterate, you must fill out both the general application and the section-specific supplement for a section in order to be considered for that section. If applying to multiple sections, you only need to fill out the general application once.

All editorial applications are due at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, September 11.

To apply for the ‘Prince’ business team, you must fill out this separate business application by 11:59 p.m. on September 8. Learn more about the business team below!

Important Dates

September 5 (7 p.m. - 10 p.m.) : Open House #1 at 48 University Place

September 6 (12:00pm - 3:00 pm) : Find us at the Involvement Fest

September 8 (5 p.m. - 8 p.m.) : Open House #2 at 48 University Place

September 11 (11:59pm) : Applications close

explore our editorial teams

​​Applicants are more than welcome to apply to multiple sections. Some of our writers have contributed to several sections, and our various editorial teams collaborate extensively with each other.




The Prospect






Digital & Print Design





Choose one of the sections above to learn more.

business team

Daily Princetonian Business fully manages and operates The Daily Princetonian Publishing Co., a company with hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual cash flow built on digital advertising, live events, print advertising and operations, software, a sponsored content studio, and other smaller sub-projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cover all aspects of the Princeton community — from campus life and University affairs, to alumni and faculty activities, to happenings in town! To get a better sense of the work we do, we’d recommend perusing our website!

Not at all! Some sections may ask you whether you’ve written for a school newspaper or used certain kinds of software in the past. These questions give our editors a sense of who’s coming on board, but lack of experience will never disqualify an application. The Daily Princetonian is an educational institution at its core, and the best ‘Prince’ applicants are those who demonstrate curiosity and a willingness to learn.

This differs on a section-by-section basis, and we’d recommend you check in with section editors with questions about the time commitment. Each section has a set minimum expectation that recruits must fulfill to stay on staff, but many ‘Prince’ members often go above and beyond those expectations. Ultimately, you often get out of the ‘Prince’ what you put in, and staffers work with their editors to determine exactly what level of commitment is best for them.

Yes, with some caveats. Contributors to reporting sections (i.e., News, Features, Sports, etc.) cannot contribute to the Opinion section, and vice versa. Additionally, members of the business team cannot also serve on any of our editorial teams, and vice versa.

You may apply to up to three editorial sections. For each section you apply to, you'll be required to submit a separate supplement, and our general editorial application form will ask you to rank those sections preferentially in case you are accepted to multiple. For individuals applying to both business and editorial positions, the general editorial application will also ask for your preference between these teams in the case you are accepted to both.

Unlike most other student-run organizations you may be interested in, the ‘Prince’ is financially independent from the University. This helps to ensure our ability to report critically and truthfully on the institution we often cover. As an independent media organization, we have our own business team that works to sell ads, optimize our finances, forge business partnerships, and more. Our business team and content-producing teams also operate independently to ensure decisions about what and how we report are made based on journalistic principles, not financial considerations. For you, this means that in any section you’ll get hands-on experience working for a real, professional media company.

With any editorial team questions, you’re always welcome to contact our editor-in-chief Emma and our managing editors AG, Harsimran, Kenny, and Zack at and, respectively (cc’ing both addresses will help guarantee you a faster response). If you have questions about a specific section and want to communicate with our section editors, you can find their contact information in the “explore our teams” section of this website. For business team questions, get in touch with our business manager Louis at You can also bring your questions to our open houses, or find us at the Involvement Fair!